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Installation Guide

Our Shine Solar photovoltaic module includes the crystalline silicon solar cell, high transmission and low iron toughened glass, anti-aging EVA, high flame resistant back sheet, and anodized aluminum alloy frame, consistent with national standards of IEC61215.2 and IEC61730. All of the products have passed the examination of authority test center, and they are widely applied in roof solar system, PV station, communication station, petrol, ocean, meteorological, traffic and PV building and other fields. For our worldwide customers, perfect technical support and installation instruction are supplied.

This INSTALLATION MANUAL is applicable to the Shine Solar modules like SSxxx-72M, SSxxx-96M, SSxxx-36M, SSxxx-48M, SSxxx-54M, SSxxx-60, SSxxx-36P, SSxxx-48P, SSxxx-54P, SSxxx-60P and SSxxx-72P.

1. SSxxx-72M is used as an example here.
2. "xxx" is the rated power of the corresponding module.

Important information regarding the installation, safe operation and maintenance of our PV module is mentioned at length in this manual. All instructions need to be read and understood completely prior to installation.

Installers are required to act conforming to this manual, and following the appropriate local standards and regulations, construction rules and safety instructions in the installation. All work on a PV system must be accomplished only by qualified engineers, who master the mechanical and electrical requirements about such a PV system absolutely.

Disclaimer of Liability
1.The installation, handling and use of Shine Solar module are beyond company control. Therefore, Shine Solar assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, injury or expense resulting from improper installation, handling, use or maintenance.
2. Shine Solar reserves the right to update the product, specifications or this INSTALLATION MANUAL without prior notice.

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