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About Shine Solar

Shine Science and Technology Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of solar panels in China, specializing in the production and development of solar cells and solar panels. We strive to be a conscientious corporation. For example, in order to protect our living environment, we give much attention to environmental protection and strive to develop energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient energy solutions to replace fossil fuels.

We strictly follow the ISO9001:2008 quality management system during production and implement strict quality control measures to supervise raw material and accessory purchasing as well as our entire production process, ensuring that our monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels and other products are all of the highest quality. In addition, we provide speedy and courteous service to every customer, as well.

Shine History

Since 2007, SHINE has devoted itself to the production and sale of solar products. With dozens of customers and clients, we have accumulated rich expertise experience in the solar energy industry. SHINE is heading to the front line of the business and can provide services to all kinds of customers as per their requirements. SHINE has gained good reputation in the field and is actively involving in a national and international expansion process.

Apr. 2010, 25MW solar cells production lines applied

Oct. 2009, New factory plan started

Dec. 2008, Solar panel production lines achieved the capacity of 50 MW

Sep. 2007, 25MW solar panel production lines went into operation

Jul. 2007, Shine Solar founded

Shine Mission

SHINE SOLAR products can absorb the solar energy consistently from the sunlight beat down on them, efficiently and reliably. So they can provide you with renewable, efficient, pollution-free energy, thus making your daily life happy and comfortable.

With the help of the renewable solar energy from the sun, our mission and business can be carried out successfully and enjoy prolonged prosperous. With the popularity of solar products, we and the future generations will all benefit from a cleaner environment and be less dependence of fuels which will cause pollution.

Shine Distributors

How to be SHINE Distributors
1. Application
SHINE SOLAR recruits distributors from all over the world. If you intend to be a distributor of SHINE SOLAR, please read the application form below carefully and then start the application process.

Distribution Application Process
a. Fill in the application sheet
b. SHINE SOLAR assesses applicant's qualifications.
c. Confirm distributor terms and conditions with applicants.
d. Sign the Distribution Agreement.
e. Grant the Distribution Authorization.

Application Projects

Installation Guide

Our Shine Solar photovoltaic module includes the crystalline silicon solar cell, high transmission and low iron toughened glass, anti-aging EVA, high flame resistant back sheet, and anodized aluminum alloy frame, consistent with national standards of IEC61215.2 and IEC61730. All of the products have passed the examination of authority test center, and they are widely applied in roof solar system, PV station, communication station, petrol, ocean, meteorological, traffic and PV building and other fields. For our worldwide customers, perfect technical support and installation instruction are supplied.

This INSTALLATION MANUAL is applicable to the Shine Solar modules like SSxxx-72M, SSxxx-96M, SSxxx-36M, SSxxx-48M, SSxxx-54M, SSxxx-60, SSxxx-36P, SSxxx-48P, SSxxx-54P, SSxxx-60P and SSxxx-72P.


As a professional solar panel manufacturer in China, we are engaged in the production and sale of monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, monocrystalline solar cells, polycrystalline solar cells, etc. These products have passed CE, TUV, IEC, IAF tests, and are widely used in military, aerospace, commerce, agriculture, communications, home appliances, and some other fields. They are especially suitable for use in remote areas, mountainous areas, desert areas, islands, and rural areas to save on cost of electricity supply.


Under the situations of proper usage, installation and maintenance, we offer corresponding warranty for products as below:
1. Limited product warranty of 144 months for materials and technologies.
2. Limited peak power warranty of one year with additional one month from the purchase date against power degradation in excess of 4% for mono-crystalline module and 3% for polycrystalline module under STC conditions.

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