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Solar Lighting Project

Solar Lighting Project

 Solar Lighting Project

Adopting sunlight as energy, solar lighting project charges in the daytime and gives light in the night. Without the need for pipe installation, manual operation or maintenance, solar street lighting systems can work reliably. Solar lighting project is energy saving and environmentally friendly. Besides, the light layout can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Constituent Parts of Solar Lighting Project
Solar lighting project consists of solar modules with bracket, LED lamp cap, control casing, and lamp post.
The solar panel has a luminous efficacy of up to 127Wp/m2 and thus is beneficial to the windproof capability of the lighting system. In lamp cap, 1W white light LED and 1W yellow light LED integrate onto printed circuit board and are arranged into spaced lattice which works as plane luminous source.
The control casing, which contains controller and storage battery, is made of stainless steel. Its valve-regulated lead acid battery needs little maintenance, so this storage battery is also known as maintenance-free battery, which will help reduce the system maintenance cost. Furthermore, the charge and discharge controller, whose main function is to protect storage battery, can offer light control, time control, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, reverse connection protection, and so on.

Working Principle of Solar Lighting Project
The solar cells made by utilizing photo voltage effect principle receive solar radiant energy in the daytime. The solar energy is transmitted to electricity and stored in storage battery via charge and discharge controller. In the night, when the illuminance is reduced to appropriate 10lux and the open circuit voltage of solar panel is 4.5V, the storage battery will discharge electricity to lamp cap according to the instruction of charge and discharge controller. After 8.5 hours, storage battery stops discharging electricity.

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