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250W-275W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

250W-275W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

 250W-275W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Key Features
1.This polycrystalline solar panel works with guaranteed positive tolerance from 0 to 5W to keep the credible output.
2. The frame of the product is made of aluminum materials, which are firm enough to bear 5400Pa of snow load and 2400Pa of wind load at maximum.
3. Our product shows preeminent performance in the working conditions with low luminance, such as in the morning, at evening and in the cloudy days.
4. It is guaranteed for 12 years on the defects of materials and technologies and 25 years for 80% of minimum power.
5. This product is manufactured in accordance with the IEC61215, IEC61730, CE and international quality standard of ISO9001.

Electrical Characteristics
Type SS250-60P SS255-60P SS260-60P SS265-60P SS270-60P SS275-60P
Max. Power Pm(W) 250 255 260 265 270 275
Module Power Range (W) 255>Pm≥250 260>Pm≥255 265>Pm≥260 270>Pm≥265 275>Pm≥270 Pm≥255
Power Tolerance (W) +0~+5 +0~+5 +0~+5 +0~+5 +0~+5 +0~+5
Max. Power Voltage Vm(V) 29.98 30.25 30.35 30.43 30.55 30.67
Max. Power Current Im(A) 8.34 8.43 8.59 8.71 8.84 8.97
Open-Circuit Voltage Voc(V) 37.41 37.54 37.63 37.71 37.81 37.96
Short-Circuit Current Isc(A) 8.79 8.94 9.07 9.18 9.28 9.35
Cell Efficiency (%) 17.3 17.8 18 18.3 18.7 19
Module Efficiency (%) 15.4 15.7 16 16.3 16.6 16.9
Max. System Voltage (VDC) 1000V(IEC)
Max. Series Fuse (A) 15
Pm Temperature Coefficients (%/ºC) -0.4336
Isc Temperature Coefficients (%/ºC) 0.0825
Voc Temperature Coefficients (%/ºC) -0.4049
NOCT Nominal Operating Cell Temperature 45±2ºC
Maximum Load Rating 5400Pa

Note: All specified parameters are at STC 25ºC ambient, 1000W/m² irradiance and AM 1.5.

Packaging Configuration
Packing Quantity/Box 30pcs/box
Quantity/Pallet 60pcs/pallet
Loading Capacity 840pcs/40ft(H)
Absolute Ratings
Dielectric Insulation Voltage 3000V
Operating Temperature (ºC) -40~+85
Storage Temperature (ºC) -40~+85
Mechanical Characteristics
Cable Type, Diameter and Length 4mm2, TUV certified, 900mm
Type of Connector Compatible with MC4 plug
Number, Type and Arrangement of Cells 60pcs, polycrystalline silicon (6×10)
Cell Size (mm) 156×156
Dimension (mm) 1640×992×35
Weight (Kg) 17
No. of Draining Holes in Frame 10
Glass, Type and Thickness High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass 3.2mm
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