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Solar Panel

    1. 125mm Monocrystalline Solar Panel

      Our 125mm monocrystalline solar panel consists of many 125mm mono-crystalline silicon solar cells. These solar cells are highly efficient and are of reliable performance.

    1. 156mm Monocrystalline Solar Panel

      For ease of use and economy of scale, solar cells are usually combined into a single solar panel. In this way, solar cells or solar panels are easy to install and transport.

    1. 125mm Polycrystalline Solar Panel

      A polycrystalline solar panel is a device which can absorb energy from the sunlight. The solar energy absorbed by polycrystalline solar panel can be used to generate electricity.

    1. 156mm Polycrystalline Solar Panel

      This series of polycrystalline solar panel is made by connecting 156mm polycrystalline solar cells. It is characterized by high photoelectric conversion efficiency and long service life.

A photovoltaic panel or solar panel consists of many connected photovoltaic cells. The photovoltaic module can be further combined into a larger photovoltaic system to offer electricity for commercial and residential applications.
Since a single photovoltaic module can produce only a limited amount of electricity, several photovoltaic modules are usually used together. This is known as a photovoltaic array.
A photovoltaic installation is mainly made up of photovoltaic panels or modules, an inverter, batteries and interconnection wiring.

About our Solar Panels
According to different raw materials, photovoltaic solar panels can be divided into crystalline solar panels, non-crystalline solar panels and chemical fuel solar panels.
As a professional manufacturer of crystalline solar panels, we can produce monocrystalline silicon solar panels and polycrystalline silicon solar panels.
Our solar panel is a medium-powered module product applicable to large, medium or small sized off-grid and on-grid solar power systems which can be mounted on the rooftop or the ground of buildings.
All of our solar panels are made from high quality raw materials and have undergone various reliability tests to guarantee the rated power output under natural sunlight as well as artificial sunlight, ensuring their reliable performance and long service life.

Key Features of Solar Panels
Our solar panels adopt high quality silicon materials and it can offer high cell efficiency, long term output stability and reliability.
We implement strict quality control measures in the production of solar panels, ensuring that they all meet the highest international standards.
The frame of our solar panel is of high mechanical strength, and is easy to install.
Advanced EVA encapsulation system with multilayer back sheets is adopted to improve the performance of the solar modules.
Its high transmittance, low iron tempered glass has strong stiffness and impact resistance.
Our solar panels have good electrical performance under high temperature and low irradiance conditions.

On-grid or off-grid solar power stations
Commercial or industrial building roof-top systems
Residential roof-top systems
Other industrial and commercial applications

Limited Warranty
1. Exclusions and Limitations
1.1 In any event, all the warranty claims must be filed within the applicable warranty period.
1.2. Our "Limited Product Warranties" and the "Limited Peak Power Warranties" are inapplicable when solar panels are subjected to
1.2.1 Misuse, abuse, neglect or accident,
1.2.2 Alternation, improper installation or application,
1.2.3 Non-observance of SHINE's installation and maintenance instructions,
1.2.4 Repair or modifications by someone other than an approved service technician of
SHINE Science and Technology Company,
1.2.5 Power failure surges, flood, fire, accidental breakage or other events out of our control,
1.3. The transportation charge, customs clearance or other costs caused by installing, uninstalling, returning, reshipping, repairing or replacing solar panels should be borne by you.
1.4. Please be sure that the type or serial number of PV SOLAR PANELS have not been altered, removed or made illegible, or else, we will not honor the warranty clam.
2. Limitation Excluded.
Our aggregate liability for a SOLAR PANEL, if any, in damages or otherwise, shall not exceed the invoice value as paid by the CUSTOMER.
3. Obtaining Warranty Performance
If the CUSTOMER needs to lodge a justified claim covered by this "Limited Warranties for PV Solar panels", please file an immediate notification directly to us, together with the evidence of the claim and the corresponding serial number of the SOLAR PANEL(s) and the relevant invoice. We will not accept the return of any PV-solar panels unless we have given written authorization in advance.
4. Severability
In case that a part, provision or clause of this "Limited Warranty for PV Solar panels", or the application thereof to any person or circumstance, is held invalid, void or unenforceable, the other parts, provisions, clauses or applications of this "Limited Warranty for PV Solar panels" are still valid.
5. Disputes
In case of any discrepancy in a warranty claim, we will submit it to a first-class international test-institute such as TüV SUD / Germany, for arbitration. All fees and expenses shall be born by the losing party, unless otherwise awarded. SHINE holds the final explanation right.
6. Various
The repair or replacement of the SOLAR PANELS or the supply of additional SOLAR PANELS does not Cause beginning of new warranty terms, nor shall the original terms of this "Limited Warranty for PV-Solar panels" be extended. Any replaced SOLAR PANELS shall become the property of SHINE and we have their right of disposition. SHINE has the right to deliver another type which may differ in size, color, shape or power from the original one, if we no longer produce the replaced SOLAR PANELS at the time of the claim.
7. Force Majeure
SHINE shall not be responsible or liable in any way to distributors or ultimate customers when the non-performance or delay in performance of any terms and conditions of sale, including this "Limited Warranty for PV Solar panels", is caused by disasters, war, riots, strikes, and any unforeseen event beyond its control, including, without limitations, any technological or physical event or condition which is not reasonably known or understood at the time of the sale of the SOLAR PANELS or the claim.
8. Validity
This "Limited Power Warranty for PV Solar panels" is valid for all SOLAR PANELS dispatched from 1st JUNE 2007 to 31st December 2012.

Shine Science and Technology Company is a professional solar panel manufacturer in China. Our main products include monocrystalline solar panels, polycrystalline solar panels, monocrystalline silicon solar cells, and polycrystalline silicon solar cells, etc. These photovoltaic modules are widely used in household power generating systems, grid-connected solar photovoltaic systems, off-grid solar photovoltaic systems, solar lighting projects, solar chargers, solar calculators and some other fields.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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